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Baby Wrap Carrier Peony

Whatch our easy how to video on how to put you Baby Wrap Carrier on:

Benefits of the Baby Wrap Carrier:

  • Keeps baby cool and dry against your body during our hot summer months
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Commonly used is sports fabric because of its breathability and sweat absorbency
  • Hassle-Free Baby Wrap carrier - Slip it on like a T-shirt
  • Hip healthy carrier
  • Reduces neck and back strain
  • Ultra-Light Baby Carrier
  • Greatly reduces skin irritation like rashes

Benefits of Baby Wearing:

  • It's great for traveling with your baby.
  • It soothes the baby.
  • It's good for cognitive and social development
  • It's good for their overall health and well-being
  • Colic and reflux baby stay in an upright position.
  • You get to keep up with life, hands-free
  • It's a great way to bond with your baby
  • Research shows it can decrease the risk of postpartum depression

Quick points for wearing:

  1. Put your carrier on like a T-shirt
  2. Always make sure the shoulder straps are all the way open over your shoulders
  3. The folds should criss-cross over your chest
  4. Pull your back piece down
  5. Put baby in the carrier
  6. With the legs over the straps
  7. Wrap belt around for extra support
  8. Always make a double knot in the belt


Can I wear my baby outward-facing?

Yes but we recommend it when the baby is a bit older and the neck muscles are stronger.

How do I choose the correct size?

We recommend that the carrier is tighter fitting than too loose. Your baby is more secure.

Please check our sizing guide.

Can I purchase my Baby Carrier before birth?

With pregnancy, your body shape changes a lot, especially your chest size

And often your body changes back within three months.

If you purchase your Baby Carrier before birth choose one according to your pre-pregnancy size

Correct Wearing Position and Safety Instructions

  • Your Baby's face should never be pressed against your body.
  • Check often to make sure your babies face is turned towards the side and uncovered
  • Their chin should never rest on their chest as this restricts breathing
  • Always reposition the babies face away from your chest after breastfeeding
  • Premature or babies with low birth weight or low muscle tone is at risk of suffocation. They should always be in an upright position
  • If your baby has any underlying breathing or health conditions always check with your health care professional first before using the baby carrier
  • Provide support when bending or leaning forward as your baby could fall if unsupported.
  • New Born Babies necks must always be supported
  • If the product shows signs of wear do not use also if any damage is visible
  • Please note that while all precautions are taken to ensure quality workmanship the Easy Breath baby carrier is used at your own risk

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