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Baby Wrap Carriers


New moms would love to dote on their babies 24/7, but we all know that this is not always possible. Life happens. Now, thanks to Cotton Collective, you can keep your hands free and your precious baby safely wrapped up for comfort in our luxury cotton baby carriers. Both mom and baby will feel ultra comfortable in this soft baby wrap carrier made from pure cotton and designed with tremendous innovation and skill to give you a neatly wrapped, snuggly feeling while looking fashionable at the same time. Choose from our aesthetic nature-inspired prints and gentle colours in these easy-to-wear carriers. 

At Cotton Collective, we know that mums have plenty of tasks to juggle throughout the day, but we also know that babies want to feel their mother’s touch and familiar warmth as often as they can. Our baby wrap carrier is the ideal solution, giving your little one that comforting closeness while you get on with life without breaking that motherly connection. Our baby carrier is lightweight with moisture control fabric that keeps your baby cool and dry and fits onto you snuggly. Baby will have enough room to wriggle his/her legs, look around and giggle or fall asleep in a cosy cotton nest. It’s got all the toughness and durability you need to ensure your baby’s safety, yet it still gives you that luxuriously soft and flexible feel so mum and baby can go about their day with ease. 


  • Moisture control fabric
  • Soft & stretchy
  • Strong, safe design
  • Attractive prints
  • Snug fit
  • Comfort for baby, mobility for mum

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